Rupin Pass Trek

  • Location Himachal Pradesh
  • Duration 9 Days
  • Best Season May, June, Mid August to October
  • Level Strenuous
  • Altitude 15,250 ft.

Tour Details

Rupin Pass is a high altitude trek which starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla. Majorly you will do trekking in Himachal as 80% of the trek route is there itself.

Being a high altitude trek, of about 15250 feet, Rupin Pass is considered among one of the high range expeditions for trekking in India. The high altitude in not just sole reason for its popularity among trekkers, the diversified number of sceneries and sudden variation in trails also attracts many nature lovers.

You will get surprised at every hour by the number of variety which mother nature has to offer you in Rupin Pass Trek. The trails at times are very difficult with its steep climbs which suddenly changes to an easy walks.

Rupin Pass is an ideal trek for any adventure as it offers trek to every type of terrain, be it on snow, rocky terrain, along and through the water streams or meadows. You will start trekking your route from greener and hot landscapes and move towards and through the coldest of areas over the snow as you reach to the end.


Day 1

Dehradun to Ddhaula by jeep

Day 2

Ddhaula to Sewa trek 12 km (2000m)

Day 3

Sewa to Jakha trek 14km(2500m)

Day 4

Jakha to Buras Kandi trek 10 km(3200m)

Day 5

Buras Kandi to Ddhanrashi / lower waterfall trek 8 km(4200m)

Day 6

Ddhanrashi / lower waterfall to upper waterfall camp trek 9 km

Day 7

Upper waterfall camp to Rupin pass

Day 8

Ronti gad to Sangla12 km trek end

Day 9

Sangla to Shimla 11hrs journey

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